Sci-Fi Canuck update

Yes I have been gone for a while now and the honest answer is I suck. Okay I don’t really suck, only with guys (kidding!). No I have been distracted with life stuff and couldn’t find the mindset to write. I apologize to all of you for being inconsistent. Yes. All three of you.

And yes I know the Christmas episode of Misfits was really bad, like WTF bad. How could Alisha let the cat out of the bag and they not show it!? And then there were the continuity issues.

  • If Future Simon came from the reality of the Alisha news clip (which he must have since he took it back in time), how could he and she have gone to Las Vegas? It’s supposed to be their great love and her death that makes him Superhoodie, but I can’t see when they found the time, literally.
  • And why could Future Simon touch Alisha when only at the end of the Christmas episode do the powers get switched up? Does this mean Simon still goes back in time? But what about the Alisha news clip… ah!! Very disappointing Misfit writing staff.

Anyway I wanted to say I’ve moved over to for all my Fringe reviews. You can find me under SciFiCanuck79 and I write under the Entertainment section. I started with the episode Reciprocity.

I will still post here for all my other reviews (Misfits and possibly Doctor Who) since there are no restrictions on what I can say and nobody reads this site so I can let my inner bitch/child/horn dog out. And (FYI) I still plan on making a Misfit review for the last two episodes. Better late than never right.

And finally I’ve got a Misfit video that’ll get posted very soon (I’d like to say tomorrow “soon” but it’ll probably be a week). Think fan made homage to THE GREATNESS OF MISFITS. And yeah I’m actually serious… *blush*

Any hoo… off to eat a horn dog, I mean corn dog.


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I love Sci-Fi, especially if it's on TV and done well. This place is a chance for me to vent my thoughts and feelings on those few shows that I can't stop myself from watching. View all posts by Sci-Fi Canuck

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