Calgary Comic Expo 2011 (as promised)

The Calgary Comic Expo was held back in June 2011. I went on the Saturday so I could get a signature from William Shatner, as that was the only day he was signing. Yes Shatner was the single reason I went 🙂

The previous year I’d gone with a friend so he could get Leonard Nimoy’s signature, but I was appalled at the price ($65) so I just stood in line and noted how grumpy he looked.

William Shatner on the other hand charged $75 and was all smiles, so I guess it was worth it. The poor guy looked really sweaty and tired by the time I got to him, but as soon as I stood in front of his table he put on a brave face and flashed me a big smile (so adorable). I have nothing but praise for the guy. He loves his fans very much and at 80 he’s still givin’ er all he can.

William Shatner’s illegible signiture on a Spock poster.


A random Link and his (her) Blue Fairy.


Me and I don’t know who/what.

Yep, good times.



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