Fringe – “One Night in October” review

What would you think of your life and the choices that built it if you met another version of yourself? And then what if that person had taken a darker more angry path in life, yet you could still see the roots of who YOU are in them? Would you want to help or hate them?

In the case of Professor John McClennan, played wonderfully by John Pyper-Ferguson of Caprica fame, he wanted to help his over there (OT) counterpart, who also just happens to be a brilliant serial killer.

Enlisted by the OT Fringe team Professor McClennan and our Olivia venture to the other side. But while the professor feels sympathy for the damaged person his serial killing counterpart has become, due to an abusive father and lack of love, there is only animosity between the Olivia’s as they are forced to work together.

Our Olivia does not trust the OT Olivia, for a number of justifiable reasons, but mainly because she doesn’t know how to trust. That was something the vanished Peter helped her overcome in the previous timeline.

OT Olivia meanwhile seems to equally dislike our Olivia and is derisive towards her in manner and conversation. Perhaps OT Olivia doesn’t like seeing the isolated life (a weakness?) her counterpart maintains. Though by working together the OT Olivia learned of our Olivia’s troubled childhood and that she killed her abusive stepfather, which may have wrought some new found respect in her(?) Loved the look on OT Olivia’s face in the scene (sort of like: OMFG she did what?).

Some of the nicest touches to this episode were the little details, like how even though Olivia doesn’t remember meeting Peter as a child he still had an impact on her. She’d shot and wounded her stepfather in the other time line, though I’m unclear if her mother was alive at that point or not. Now without Peter’s influence she must never have asked Walter for help and was forced to kill her abusive stepfather herself. Yes that would mess a child up.

And then there’s poor Lincoln, forever relegated to the friend role in both worlds. He was quick to let OT Olivia know he thinks she looks good with both blond or red hair. And then in the vehicle with our Olivia he tells her she must hate being over here because his Olivia would, to which she says she’s fine with it. The man is no fool though and can see his Olivia in her and it’s clear she’s lying. Let’s hope the writers look favourably upon at least one of the Lincolns and bring him some happiness in the future.

Comparing last year’s seasonal arc with this one it’s hard not to notice both deal with the loss of a character. Last year being the unnoticed absence of Olivia, having been left behind on the other side and replaced with the OT Olivia, and this season Peter’s erasure from existence. But whereas last year we followed the interplay between Peter and OT Olivia, as well Olivia and the entire other side, now it seems, at least going by two episodes, to be the interplay between our Olivia and the OT Olivia. And to a lesser degree the Lincoln’s and of course Walter. Fingers crossed for an episode where the Astrid’s get together (^_^).

Lastly, one question that’s been nagging at me is to what extent are the Cortexiphan abilities of this new Olivia? Fear brought them out before, egged on by the emotions Peter stirred in her as well as his encouraging words. But something tells me this version of Olivia can’t do what the old one could.

And… okay another last question. Is Walter the only one who can hear/see Peter? And does this disembodied quasi non-existing Peter remember the entirety of the other timeline, like how he had a son? The guy is supposed to be super smart so he’ll have to wonder how the machine was turned on from the other side. (Okay done for now).

And Charlie married the bug girl. Yah for him!!

Memorable line
Broyles: I’ve always felt there are people who leave an indelible mark on your soul. An imprint that can never be erased.


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