Fringe – “Alone in the World” prepares us for Peter’s return

By the end of this, the third episode of the fourth season, Walter had effectively killed off a lonely boys imaginary friend, suffered a minor breakdown in front of Broyles, and nearly lobotomized himself.  Where is that Peter when you need him?

Alone in the World continued the theme (so far) of the season that shows just how badly off our characters are without Peter. It also allowed for Walter to form a substitute fatherly role with Aaron, the young boy who developed a friendship of sorts with a fungal growth. And we saw glimpses of his old self with the milkshakes and tin foil hat. But overall there was the clear sense that this Walter is a deeply lonely man without his son (having watched him die twice because September didn’t save him the second time), and that his greatest fear is losing his sanity (whereas before it was losing Peter).

Olivia meanwhile is slowly extending her circle of friends to include Lincoln, although it’s unclear if she’s simply being protective of him and wanting to make sure he’s adjusting well to the Fringe division, or if as he understandably thought, she was showing a little more than professional concern. His line at the end: “Little freaked out right now. Do you want to talk about it?” was the best of the episode. Finally his character is showing signs of the playful Lincoln we’ve seen in his other version.

The final moments of the episode were the most unsettling though, with Walter attempting a self lobotomization in an effort to avoid having to deal with the real possibility of him going back to the mental institute. I found the sounds of the hammer ping ping pinging into his eye socket the most disturbing. And here I thought I was so brave when I self pierced my own ears.

To sum it up I found the episode alright, but I’m anticipating the return of Peter … so until then no episode will quiet satisfy. It was nice to see that Olivia’s been dreaming of Peter (love conquers all, including non-existence yah).

It remains to be seen though why September is allowing all this to happen.


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