Fringe – “Subject 9” saves Peter for last

Subject 9 was aired nearly three weeks ago. I’m not going to write a review for it except to say I was VERY disappointed at only getting a glimpse of Peter near the end. Talk about dangling a carrot. The whole baseball pushing the next episode back a full week didn’t help either. Needless to say tomorrows Friday night is going to be spent making love to a bowl of popcorn and watching time shifted Fringe:D

On second thought I will point out what we learned during this episode.

  • Olivia has never exhibited any Cortexiphan related abilities.
  • She and Nina Sharp appear to be much closer than ever before.
  • And although Olivia ran away from Walter and his experiments as originally portrayed in the third season episode Subject 13, in this version she never came back.

If you want a more detailed account try Charlie Anders review over at i09.

And for those that have a hankering for a better understanding of time travel as portrayed in Fringe, try this great article by Stephen Cass.


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