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Doctor Who “A Good Man Goes To War” was AWESOME

Possibly one of my favorite episodes, if only because of the casually callous way in which the Doctor leaves Amy at the end. Love and hate that guy. Rory is so much more the better man… or in this case, a good man.

In essence this episode was all about the risks of being a friend of the Doctor. Worse: Don’t have sex on the Tardus or else your child might get a “Time Head” and *Spoilers* become a bad ass time traveler and possible lover of the future Doctor.

Can’t wait to see what happens in September when the season continues. Will Amy forgive the Doctor? Will Rory and Amy get to raise their child? Is the little girl in the space suit really River Song? And is the Doctor destined to die at the ripe old age of 1103?

*At this point rumors are Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill won’t be back for season 7, so the remaining 6 episodes in the fall could be our last chance to see Rory and Amy resolve their story…. 😦

And yeah I’m a seriously unreliable blogger and pretty much post whenever the mood strikes, which isn’t often. But on June 18th I’ll be attending the Calgary Entertainment Expo so I may post some pictures from that.

Hell, I may even join them Crazy Emoticons.

This picture almost makes me want to have kids…
minus the people in back with guns.